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About Stephanie Kamari
Stephanie Kamari is an upcoming disabled actress in Los Angeles.  She grew up in Illinois and Minnesota.  She wanted to act as far back as she could remember but there was always something in her way.  She moved to Palm Springs, California, in 2010 after her grandmother passed away and began to have that actress fire light again in her soul.  In 2012 she began to act and take lessons and she fell in love with the stage!  In December 2012, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career seriously.

As an actress, she desires to bring her passion to the stage to show that no matter your ability or disability or your circumstances, everything is possible! She is always willing to help out others and has traveled to four continents and 31 nations.  She has worked with multiple organizations to help the world be a safer and better place and wants to see everyone have a chance at achieving their dreams!  

"Do you want to be a victim or a victor?"  

"Your life begins and ends with your motivation!"
Thanks for visiting and supporting me in my journey!
~Stephanie Kamari