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Fun Facts

This is the place to come and find out some fun facts. She'll be adding new facts all the time.  Please email Stephanie questions and ask her some stuff you'd like to know about her!

She'll answer in fun ways.  You'll never know what sort of answer you'll get!  Enjoy! 

There will also be contests and various other things she'll be doing here! Are you ready?
Some Questions:

What are Stephanie's favorite colors?
Lime Green and Pink

What is Stephanie's dog's name?
Mr. Jackson

What type of dog is Mr Jackson?
Poodle Chihuahua

Kamari is Stephanie's stage name.  What is the meaning of Kamari?
Ka is the first 2 letters of Stephanie's maternal Grandma's name, Katie. Mari is a part of Stephanie's middle name, Marie.  She wanted to honor her Grandma and show that forever they will be one, no matter how far the distance between them.  Grandma Katie and Stephanie shared a very unique and special bond all through their lives. Stephanie promised her Grandma that even death would not separate them!

When is Stephanie's birthday?
October 1st.

What was Stephanie's first trip abroad? 
Paris in 1997

What is Stephanie's real name?
Stephanie Marie Bridgeman

What is Stephanie's parents' names?
Clyde and Sharon 

​Does Stephanie have brothers and sisters?
No, She is an only child, but her parents are both remarried and their spouses have children.  Her parents didn't get remarried until her adult years so she doesn't consider them sisters and brothers.